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Student Letter Exchange - Pen Pals

For over 75 years, The Student Letter Exchange has matched English speaking Pen Pals with students, ages 9-20, across the US and around the world. Establishing Pen Pal relationships is not only a great learning tool, it is a time proven, fun and innovative way to become educated about other cultures, practice communication skills, learn foreign languages, start a stamp/coin collection or just make a friend from a far away place.

We have added some new products to our program and some new features to our Website.

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It is fast, easy and inexpensive to order Pen Pals. The participants get to choose the country (or state), age and gender of whom they would like to write to. And every order comes with a brochure containing Hints for Letter writing, Pen Pal projects and a handy postage chart. Our constantly updated database of over a quarter of a million names is made up of Students who have communicated directly to us, or through their school, that they would like to correspond in English...they are waiting to be matched and they are eager to write letters. If you are an English speaking student, you are also eligible for free registration on our database. You can printout an order form right from this website or you can request an order form/information package be sent to you. USA, LLC