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US Student Registration

All students between the ages of 8 years of age to 20 years of age are eligible to be registered as Pen Pals. Each Pen Pal will be a surprise…your Pen Pal will write you the first letter. Your Pen Pal will be matched with you because they requested someone of your age and sex. And all Pen Pals can correspond in English. You can receive up to 4 FREE Pen Pals during the coming year and it costs nothing to register.

Just send us a postcard or letter indicating your name, complete mailing address, your sex, and age. Or use the form below to register on line.

If you are 13 years of age or younger, please ask a Parent or Guardian for permission to participate.

REMEMBER, registration on our database is FREE, but it may take a while until you start receiving letters.

If you would like to choose where your Pen Pal is from or you would like a Pen Pal right away you can order a pen pal for a nominal fee.   You can use the printable order forms found on this website or  enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your registration so we can send you information on ordering your own Pen Pal.

If you are age 21 or over, you can register for our Adult Pen Pal Directory.  Please click here for details and the registration form.

US Student Registration

Please note, if you would like to be registered for free on our database to be matched with pen pals, please fill in the form below and submit your name to us * Your age is between 8 and 20 * You are willing to correspond in English. AFTER YOU HAVE ENTERED ALL OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION, PRESS "SUBMIT" ON THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM.
  • In order for your registration to be accepted you must enter a first and last name.
  • In order for your registration to be accepted you must enter your Street Address, City, State and Zip.
  • Please fill in F for Female or M for Male.
  • (To be used if there are any questions and to confirm receipt of your registration. You do not need an e-mail address in order to register. The initial contact from your Pen Pal will be through the mail.)
  • If you would like to mail or fax the above information:

    Please send to:
    Student Letter Exchange
    3280 Sunrise Hwy PMB 62
    Wantagh, NY 11793 

    Please fax to:631-759-3866