About our Program

Student Letter Exchange has been in business for over 75 years. Our continually, updated database contains names and addresses of hundreds of thousands of Students, ages 8 - 23 from all over the world and the US. The Students on our database have communicated that they would like to be a Pen Pal and that they are willing to correspond in English. They are all very eager to have their name selected.

You select the country (or state), age and gender of your Pen Pals. We will then match your request against our database and select names that match the criteria indicated. We will send back the Pen Pals selected on handy computer printed coupons, which can be easily distributed or saved. You then write the first letter to the Pen Pal selected.

Every order will also contain a FREE Letter Writing Guide that has some helpful getting started tips, Pen Pal project ideas and a Postage Chart for letters mailed from the USA to other parts of the world. And, with every order of $15 or more, you will receive a special free gift. We are currently offering coin jewelry.

If you are paying by PayPal or credit card you can use our on-line order form.

If you are ordering for a student 12 or under, you may also want to look at our enriched activity Pen Pal Pak.  Click here for information on this product.

How to order using Pen Pal order form

For your convenience, we have included two types of Order Forms on this website. Both of these order forms can be printed, filled out and mailed to us along with payment. OR REQUEST AN ORDER FORM BY MAIL OR FAX, OR ORDER ON-LINE

The REGULAR Form is recommended for orders of 8 or more, or if a group or class is ordering the Pen Pals.

If you are using the Regular Order form:

Indicate your complete name and address (including zip code) on the form. Consolidate all requested names on one form to take advantage of one Postage and Handling Charge and our volume discount pricing.

On the grid-
Find the Country (or state) you want to order on the left hand side.
Locate the column for the sex/age range you require.
Enter the quantity of names you want in the corresponding box on the grid.
Enter the appropriate totals in the ‘Names Ordered’ box on top of the grid.

The QUICK Form is recommended for orders of 7 or less names.

If you are using the Quick Order form:

Fill in your name and address and other information requested.

Write in the name of the country or state you would like each pen pal to be from.

Then write in the age, gender and the quantity. (If you would like us to choose the Country or State for you, just write in “Choose Country” or “Choose State”.

Determine the cost of your order-
15 or more Pen Pals are $1.00 each, Under 15 Pen Pals, the cost is $1.25 each.
There is a minimum order of $5.00 (4 Pen Pals)

After you have entered the cost of your Pen Pals, add Postage and Handling ($2.00) and mail your order, with check or money order, to the address above. Note - if you want to use our “Super Fast Handling” option, please add an additional $3.50.

VERY IMPORTANT IF THE ORDER IS BEING RETURNED TO AN ADDRESS OUTSIDE OF THE USA, please send payment in US Currency, a check in US Currency drawn on a US Bank or an International Postal Money Order drawn in US dollars. Please make sure to add the additional postage and handling indicated. (Add $1.00 for Canada and $2.00 for all other countries.) You can also use  our on-line order form if you are paying by credit card or PayPal.

Orders are filled within 14 working days or less. Super Fast Handling Orders are filled within 7 working days or less. Please allow time for the Post Office to deliver the mail to us and back to you.

Other Information about ordering

Our supply of names constantly changes. On occasion we have to make Country (or State) substitutions. If this is necessary, we usually substitute based on geographical location. If you would prefer substitutions based on language, please make sure to check the appropriate box on the order form. We may also pick an age 1 or 2 years younger or older than requested. We will not substitute for the Gender requested.

If you do not have a preference for a particular Country (or State) we will choose for you, just enter the age/sex you require on the appropriate line on the grid.

If you are ordering Pen Pals for someone 11 or under, we suggest ordering from English speaking countries - Foreign children this young are not likely to be bilingual.

Only students who have requested to be Pen Pals are used to match with your requests.  All Pen Pals have also indicated that they can correspond in English.  Every attempt is made to verify that the name added to our Database accurately reflects what was supplied.  If the Pen Pal does not resply to your original letter, we guarante a prompt replacement  if we are notified within 6 months of when your order was placed.

We reserve the right to not process an order.